Take to Task

Item: Atlanta (Fulton)

As the year comes to an end, we thought we would try and update some unresolved issues during the last 12 months.

In September, Clay Edwards told us about a problematic pothole.

“About 100 feet east of the intersection of Wyngate and West Wesley Road, on West Wesley Road, in the Buckhead area is a sunken manhole that cars run across every day. It jars the houses nearby and makes a tremendous explosive noise, especially when a truck runs across it. It has existed for years. Can you please raise that manhole so that it is flush with the asphalt?” Edwards asked.

We sent the issue back to the city and will let you know when it is fixed.

Days on the list: 90

Who’s looking into it: City of Atlanta Department of Public Works Commissioner James Jackson, 404-330-6240, jamesjackson@atlantaga.gov.

Update: Atlanta (DeKalb)

Also, this past fall, Kim Woodland sent us an update on a project she has been trying to get resolved for months.

“Several months ago, DeKalb County water employees replaced some water infrastructure in front of 1224 Stillwood Drive. They filled the holes in the asphalt with gravel. Over time, the rains washed away the gravel and created huge holes. About three weeks to a month ago, a DeKalb road crew placed large metal plates over the holes. The plates are on a slope and have started to move as cars pass over them,” she wrote.

She did provide an update for us after her initial plea.

“I’m writing to request your assistance with the continuing saga of the hole in Stillwood Drive. The county sent a paving crew to pave over the hole. Weeks later, the county returned to dig up the road again as the earlier repairs created a plumbing problem at 1224 Stillwood. So, the hole is back and needs repaving - again - and the steel plates need removing,” she added.

Days on the list: 60

Who’s getting it fixed: Communications Manager Andrew Cauthen, acauthen@dekalbcountyga.gov