Take to Task

Item: Stone Mountain (DeKalb)

We have another pothole complaint by one of our readers.

“This is on Silverhill Road, Smokerise, in Stone Mountain. As you cross the speed bump you drop forcibly into these holes and feels as if you’ve hit the frame of the vehicle, even though you’ve slowed almost to a stop to cross the speed bump,” Ray Rosenberg wrote.

We sent the issue to Stone Mountain and will keep you updated.

Days on the list: 2

Who’s looking into it: Public Works Director, Jim Tavenner, publicworks@stonemountaincity.org

Item: McDonough (Henry)

In March, we received an issue concerning the Department of Transportation’s transportation priorities.

“GDOT and the Department of Revenue designed and built the Henry County toll road along I-75. What a fiasco. The toll road has done nothing more than createmore accidents and delays. Plus it does not generate enough revenue to pay for the maintenance or the crew to operate it. 11-miles of wasted concrete,” John Page wrote.

Page is now outraged over an upcoming project.

“Now GDOT wants to build CVL (Commercial Vehicle Lanes) from Macon to McDonough, just two lanes northbound just for trucks,” he wrote.

He said Georgia Power would be changing over from coal to natural gas to run the power plants.

“This means 20-100 coal car trains will be converted to stack-trains carrying almost 200 containers. So the need for two lanes is another total waste. What is needed is an extra lane in each direction on I-75 all the way to the border from Henry South.”

We sent the issue back to DOT.

Days on the list: 74

Who’s looking into it: DOT spokesman Natalie Dale, ndale@dot.ga.gov