Take to Task

Item: Decatur (DeKalb)

Thomas Collins is concerned about a hazardous situation near the VA hospital.

“There is charcoal and lighter fluid under the Clairmont Road bridge by the VA hospital. I tried to report it to DeKalb non-emergency, but the agent will only accept the report if an exact address or intersection is provided. There isn’t an intersection there and to my knowledge there is not a street address,” Collins wrote.

We researched the item and discovered it falls under the DOT’s jurisdiction. DOT said they had examined the issue and reported it to maintenance.

Days on the list: 2

Who’s looking into it: Natalie Dale, Georgia Department of ‍Transportation, ndale@dot.ga.gov

Item: Peachtree City (Fayette)

Kris Majors is concerned over a busy intersection in Peachtree City. Majors said the corner of Peachtree Parkway and Crosstown Road can be a traffic nightmare. She said the intersection backs up frequently, especially during rush hour. We sent the issue to Peachtree City and got an immediate response.

“A final decision on what will be done has not been made. Staff will be presenting additional information to the city council either at the July 12 or August 4 meeting. We have requested information from our design consultants,” said City Manager Bernie McMullen. One of the possible solutions is a roundabout at the location.

Days on the list: 1

Who’s looking into it: Peachtree City Manager Bernie McMullen, bmcmcmullen@peachtree-city.org