Score drops at Mama’s Cocina Latina

The health score at Mama’s Cocina Latina on Piedmont Road in Atlanta dropped from an A to C due to food temperatures and improper date marking for disposal.

Several cold food items in coolers were above 41 degrees and were either relocated or discarded. These included pico de gallo, steak, charro beans, refried beans, guacamole, and raw shrimp.

Also, several items in the coolers were uncovered and exposed to contaminants.

Freshly prepared chicken and fish in the reach-in cooler had the wrong disposable dates of April 17 and May 15.

Among other violations, the ice machine had black mold inside, and the scoop was directly in the ice.

Sanitizer needed to be stronger in two cleaning buckets in the kitchen. Several cardboard boxes of single service items were on the floor. Two cutting boards had excessive scoring marks and mold growing in the grooves.

Mama’s Cocina Latina, 1958 Piedmont Road, scored 71/C, down from 95/A. There will not be a follow-up inspection.

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