Score dips at Smokey Bones BBQ

Smokey Bones BBQ in Buford failed a routine health inspection with unsafe food temperatures and improper reheating of cooked brisket.

The inspector said reduced oxygen packages of fully cooked brisket did not reheat fast enough to reach a safe temperature within two hours.

Temperatures of foods in the walk-in cooler were elevated due to the door being opened for more than an hour during food delivery. Foods like precooked chicken wings, ribs and baked beans were discarded.

Also, two boxes of cheese were delivered at elevated temperatures and were discarded.

Smokey Bones, 3333 Buford Drive, scored 62/U, down from 96/A in February.

Among other violations, a black mold-like substance and rust were in the interior of the ice machine.

All cooked foods in reduced oxygen packaging for more than 48 hours were discarded because the restaurant does not have state health department approval to keep these packaged foods longer.

Smokey Bones BBQ will be re-inspected.