Prep coolers not keep food cold enough at Stoned Pizza Kitchen

Two prep coolers at Stoned Pizza Kitchen in Stone Mountain were not keeping foods cold enough during a recent routine inspection.

Multiple foods were above 41 degrees, the maximum temperature for food safety. Some prepared items like wings and pasta had only been in the coolers for about 30 minutes and did not have time to cool down. These foods were moved into a walk-in cooler, along with shredded cheese, ricotta cheese, tomatoes, and greens.

The inspector said that the prep coolers could not be used until the ambient temperatures were 41 degrees.

In other violations, the ice bin at the drink machine had a build-up of slime and mold-like growth. The main kitchen hand sink had no hot water. One employee was washing their hands at the three-compartment sink.

Stoned Pizza Kitchen, 965 Main St., Stone Mountain, scored 56/U on a recent routine health inspection. Its previous score was 88/B in 2020.