Pao Pao Ramen in Toco Hills fails routine inspection

A ramen restaurant and bar in the Toco Hills Shopping Center failed its recent routine health inspection with violations of food storage and a repeat violation of improper thawing of raw meats.

Pao Pao Ramen Factory & Bar, 2929 N. Druid Hills Road, Atlanta, scored 68/U, down from its previous score of 83/B.

The inspector noted that raw chicken was thawing in a sink fully submerged in water instead of under running water.

In addition, several containers of uncooked meats in the reach-in cooler were uncovered and exposed to contamination.

In the walk-in cooler, raw chicken was next to raw eggs. And a pot of pork broth was directly on the floor in the central kitchen. It was moved to the counter to protect it from contamination.

Among other violations, reusable serving utensils were in tepid water. The microwave was unclean. Wiping cloths were on the counter, and a hand sink, instead of inside a sanitizer bucket.

Pao Pao Ramen Factory & Bar will be re-inspected.