Share concerns now on AlphaLoop streambank stabilization

Environmentalists, or anyone concerned, has until Sept. 27 to comment with the Environmental Protection Division Watershed Protection Division on the AlphaLoop streambank stabilization project.

The proposed project will impact the stream buffer of unnamed tributaries to Big Creek. Plans include stabilizing and improving the streambank along the AlphaLoop trail system in Alpharetta by utilizing natural channel design methodologies, replacing a culvert crossing with a span bridge, and revegetating and restoring the buffer.

The project will impact the state mandated 25-foot buffer within the Upper Chattahoochee River watershed. The disturbance will cover 7,107 square feet and include culvert removal, span bridge installation, streambank stabilization and the installation of Best Management Practices.

Comment by contacting Arnettia Murphy at 470-607-2940 or to schedule an appointment to review the plans.