Sandy Springs to purchase radios for fire department

Credit: custom

Credit: custom

The Sandy Springs City Council recently approved a reallocation of funds to allow the fire department to purchase new portable radios.

The current portable radios used by the Sandy Springs Fire Department do not have LTE capabilities even though they were purchased a little over a year ago. During an emergency the existing portable radios could be out of range. The newer APX Next radios have the capability to automatically switch to LTE/cellular ensuring there is no loss in communication.

Total cost for the new radios is $628,082. The city will receive a $463,901 credit for the existing radios. The city will reallocate funds from two fund accounts, fire apparatus and fire admin vehicle funds, to cover the additional $164,181 needed to replace the radios.

City documents note the SSFD is confident they will be able to purchase all the LTE radios, fire apparatus and admin vehicles without requesting additional funds from the city.