Sandy Springs police program combats catalytic convertor thefts

Sandy Springs Police have partnered with Pep Boys and Advance Auto Parts, as well as True Automotive, to provide a free program to combat catalytic converter thefts.

With this program, the Vehicle Identification Number will be etched onto the catalytic converter and then covered with high-temperature paint to help deter theft or the ability to sell the stolen item.

According to State Farm, claims for catalytic convertor theft have grown 109% between July 2021 and June 2022 compared to the previous 12 months. This part of the exhaust system helps reduce contaminants emitted by the engine. Thieves target the part because of rare metals inside the convertors including platinum, palladium or rhodium. The parts can potentially be sold on the black market for thousands.

Contact Pep Boys, 6521 Roswell Road at 404-843-0622, Advance Auto Parts, also at 6521 Roswell Road at 404-469-0315 or True Automotive, 6569 Roswell Road at 404-480-3802 to schedule this free service.