Sandy Springs awards contract for Roswell Road Access Management Plan

In May 2020, the Atlanta Regional Commission awarded Sandy Springs up to $320,000 in federal funds to conduct the Roswell Road Access Management Plan. The city entered into a sub agreement with the ARC, accepting the federal funding and approving up to $80,000 in local matching funds in December 2020.

The project will address safety and operational issues facing the Roswell Road Corridor, the principal north/south roadway for the city. The Corridor is regionally significant, touches all six city council districts, and is served by two of the most utilized MARTA routes, 5 and 87. According to city documents, the Corridor is also one the least safe roadways in the city, with the highest number of crashes and highest crashes per mile rate compared to all other Sandy Spring roadways.

The City Council recently approved a $399,478 contract with Gresham Smith Consulting Services, Inc. to conduct a thorough review of existing conditions of the Roswell Road Corridor and conduct extensive public outreach that will result in an alternative concept for the roadway. This alternative concept will focus on access management at specific locations to address safety and operational problems. The concept will also evaluate feasibility, effectiveness (safety, operational, and multimodal impacts), and cost.