Roswell updates contract for standby plumbing services

Credit: custom

Credit: custom

Everything costs more these days. In January 2022, Roswell approved a $75,000 contract for citywide on-call plumbing services with B&W Mechanical Contractors. Usage of the on-call plumbing contract has continued to increase this fiscal year with purchase orders totaling approximately $121,000, nearing the new annual contract maximum.

Expenses the city has incurred include $9,130 for a water heater repair and backflow testing at an administration building, $24,128 for a blocked line, water leak and line replacements at the fire department, $383 for a valve replacement in the public works department, and $87,592 for an emergency water leak replacement and various park plumbing repairs.

The City Council recently approved an increase to the annual not-to-exceed amount for on-call plumbing by $100,000 for a new annual not-to-exceed of $245,000.

This action increases the capacity of the on-call contract to be used as needed by city departments. Without this change, repairs and maintenance could be constrained by the available budget.