Roswell revises city code regarding screening walls and fences

Credit: custom

Credit: custom

The Roswell City Council recently approved amendments to the Unified Development Code related to screening walls and fences. Most of the changes simplify the language without making significant changes and address specifics related to where the fences and walls are located.

The Planning Commission’s recommended changes also now read:

· “A screening wall or fence located in a side yard or rear yard can be no more than 8 feet in height.

· A screening wall or fence located in a front yard may not exceed 6 feet in height, provided the transparency of the entirety of a screening wall or fence above 4 feet in height exceeds 25%.”

The amended text also defines “Setback” as the line demarcating the portion of the lot devoted to a yard versus the buildable portion of the lot. Previous text defined setbacks and yards as one and the same.