Roswell police reminding residents to record serial numbers

In a recent social media post, the Roswell Police Department shared a good reminder for all residents. Following the holidays and perhaps a new laptop, phone or XboxPlaySwitch 5 360-One X-lite, the RPD recommends recording serial numbers or other identifying characteristics of your new high-end purchases.

“In the event of a theft, accurate and detailed descriptions of property are one of the most valuable pieces of information you can provide to the police, but few have it readily available, if at all,” stated the post.

Roswell Police also recommend storing the information by using ReportIt. This free website securely stores serial numbers, item descriptions, pictures and scanned copies of receipts in the event of a theft. All information is kept in a secured account (not accessible to law enforcement), which can be printed and provided to an investigator if a robbery occurs.

Store your valuables identifying information at