Roswell planning renovations to Historic Town Square

Credit: City of Roswell

Credit: City of Roswell

The Roswell City Council recently approved a $530,000 contract with Prime Contractors for renovations to Historic Town Square.

The hardscape renovations include granite cobblestone repairs and replacement, repair of existing brick pavers, fountain repairs, relocation of plaques, water service for irrigation, landscaping, planter bowls and grading at the stairs.

The work is expected to take about 90 days to complete.

Roswell Town Square was built in 1839 as envisioned by founder Roswell King. According to historical data, during the Civil War occupation of Roswell, 400 mill workers, mainly women and children since the men were fighting in the war, were charged with treason and held overnight under guard in the Town Square until they could be sent by wagons to Marietta and transported by train to the north. A monument, honoring the 400 women and children, can be found in the park at 75 Sloan Street.