Roswell approves $1.4 M for new ladder truck

Credit: City of Roswell

Credit: City of Roswell

Roswell’s Fire Department operates three ladder trucks to cover 42 square miles and maintains one reserve ladder truck to use when the primary trucks are in for service or repair. One of these ladder trucks is now 22 years old with more than 110,000 miles on it, well past the city’s replacement guidelines of 18 years of service for a ladder truck.

In a recent action, the Roswell City Council voted to approve $1,449,853 to replace the 2001 older Sutphen 75-foot ladder truck.

This will help bring the department’s fleet to four ladder trucks, with the fourth serving the northern part of the city.

When the replacement truck is delivered, approximately 24-26 months after the order is placed, it will serve as Truck 25. The current Truck 25 will be moved into reserve status, and the current reserve ladder truck will be sold as surplus.