Roswell allows sidewalk tables for champagne bar

Credit: TNS

Credit: TNS

Roswell has approved the Canton Street district’s new champagne and wine tasting bar for a sidewalk café license, allowing for limited outdoor seating.

Sidewalk café licenses must be approved by City Council and officials have voiced concern in recent years about over-crowded sidewalk tables where longstanding restaurants have outdoor seating.

City Council approved a limited number of sidewalk tables in front of Pop Alleigh at 16 Elizabeth Way during a Monday meeting. The establishment offering a collection of champagne and wine opened in December. It will now be allowed to have two tables and four chairs on the front sidewalk and must maintain a five-foot pathway of open space for pedestrians.

Elizabeth Way is perpendicular to Canton Street. Pop Alleigh has additional sidewalk space from a nearby alleyway which appealed to Councilman Mike Palermo.

The vote was unanimous. Palermo said in the future, new licenses for outdoor tables of establishments located on Canton Street will require a pathway greater than five feet to win his approval.

“… But again, right here I fully support it,” Palermo said. “(There’s) a little less clutter from a pedestrian standpoint than we get on Canton Street.”

Pop Alleigh has another sidewalk café license application submitted to Roswell for the rear side of the tasting bar.