Milton plants 13 elm trees for Arbor Day

Credit: custom

Credit: custom

Milton recently celebrated Arbor Day by planting 13 winged elm trees, along a new trail at Milton City Park and Preserve, 1785 Dinsmore Road.

The trees were supplied, installed and mulched with pine straw by Cumberland Landscape Group costing $14,784. Funding comes from the Tree Canopy Fund established by the city’s tree ordinance adopted in August 2020.

The tree canopy fund receives payments for removal of tree canopy cover and alternative compliance to the tree ordinance. The tree canopy funds can be used to purchase, plant and maintain trees on city property.

According to city documents, “once fully grown (getting as high as 70 feet), the winged elms will provide a rounded canopy over the trail. These native, deciduous trees are resistant to Dutch Elm disease and don’t produce nuts or anything else that people can trip over.”