Milton approves personal transportation vehicle plan

The Milton City Council recently approved a Personal Transportation Vehicle Plan, specifically with an interest in the use of golf carts in the Crabapple area.

The city added multiple sections of state law into city code through an ordinance revision in June 2020 to allow for PTV use on public streets where the speed limit is 25 mph or below.

The city also contracted with architecture, engineering and planning firm, CPL, for a PTV plan in the Crabapple area in Nov. 2021. The plan enables the city to have further conversations with the Georgia Department of Transportation regarding approved PTV crossings at Ga. 372 (which includes Crabapple Road and Birmingham Highway).

Milton’s plan also proposes adding multi-use paths to accommodate golf carts, pedestrians and bicyclists. The city notes these additional paths might take decades to create.

The newly approve PTV plan also recommends having the police department establish a registration process that will bring Milton into compliance with state law. Currently PTV drivers on public streets must be licensed.