Milton approves contract to study pedestrian beacons

The Milton City Council recently approved a $20,400 contract with Keck & Wood for a traffic study at two intersections. The purpose of the study is to determine if Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacons make sense along Ga. 372 at the roundabouts where Heritage Walk intersects with Ga. 372/Birmingham Highway and Heritage Walk intersects with Ga. 372/Crabapple Road (across from The Nest Cafe).

RRFBs are a common safety device used to enhance pedestrian crosswalks at roundabouts, especially in high pedestrian areas or if the roundabout has multi-lane approaches or exits. A button can be pressed to instantly signal vehicles to stop so a pedestrian or bicyclist can use the crosswalk.

The city is seeking Georgia Department of Transportation funding to pay for the RRFBs which will cost about $200,000. A traffic engineering study must be completed and approved by the state to receive GDOT approval.

If approved, the city will be responsible for the installation, inspection and future maintenance of the beacons. Milton will fund this using TSPLOST II, the ¾ sales tax approved in November 2021 for transportation projects.