Johns Creek police warn of recent scam

A bold criminal has been using one of the Johns Creek Police Department’s own officer’s names to coerce citizens into giving away their hard-earned money. The new scam appears as if a JCPD Sergeant is calling to demand immediate payment of a supposed traffic violation.

JCPD is sharing Federal Trade Commission suggestions to avoid being a victim of a scam. First and foremost, resist any push to “act immediately.” Scammers pressure victims to act immediately and appear to be legitimate. They may even know one or two personal things about the person.

Scammers tell potential victims there is a problem or a prize. To collect the prize or to fix the problem, the scammer will direct individuals to pay them a specific way.

Additional ways to help minimize potential scams include blocking unwanted/unknown calls, and never giving out personal information to someone who has called you. Legitimate organizations will not call you to ask for your personal information or financial information. Talk to a family member before acting.

If you think you have been a victim of fraud and live in Johns Creek, call JCPD at 404-843-6670 or report scams to