Johns Creek, instead of county, to bill for stormwater utility fees

The Johns Creek City Council recently approved a plan to terminate stormwater billing using Fulton County.

In July 2021, the city entered an agreement with Fulton to provide billing and payment services for the stormwater utility fees at a cost of $0.50 per parcel and a 1% commission on all collected fees. These combined costs amount to about $42K per year.

Unfortunately, the county’s online payment system was out of service when the bills were mailed and has been out of service on multiple occasions. Response time to city inquiries Is often delayed and residents regularly complain about Fulton’s lack of customer service. Worse yet, the collection rate on 2021 bills was 80%, significantly lower than anticipated.

Johns Creek will now utilize a new system to complete the billing in-house. The city anticipates a more cost-effective process with a higher level of customer service than the current arrangement with the county.