Grant could support improvements at Abernathy South Greenway

Credit: City of Sandy Springs

Credit: City of Sandy Springs

The Sandy Springs City Council has agreed to apply for a grant for improvements at the Abernathy South Greenway, from Johnson Ferry Road to the eastside of Wright Road.

The 14-acre park spans across three blocks and was dramatically impacted by the widening of Abernathy Road. New drainage patterns exert additional pressure on the tributary to Marsh Creek. City documents state, “the existing drainage structures are overwhelmed with sedimentation and erosion. While there is little vegetation in the stream buffer, it is mostly composed of invasive plant species. The stream itself is impacted by high peak flows and siltation.”

A new master plan includes several strategies to improve the health of the stream and are considered a priority for the proper functioning of the space as a public park. The project is expected to cost $2,050,000. Elements such as the trail, bridges and site amenities bring the total project to somewhere around $4 million.

The federally funded grant is disbursed by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division of the Department of Natural Resources and can only be used for water quality improvements. If awarded, the city will provide a 40-50% match which will be covered by funds already allocated for the project.