Free drinks? Johns Creek sets new alcohol licenses, fees

Johns Creek is offering new types of alcohol beverage licenses that include allowing some businesses to serve free alcohol.

Community Development Director Ben Song said establishments that don’t serve food, such as a boutique, with limited gross revenue might qualify for the new license. The alcohol must be served at no charge.

Licensing for retailers offering alcohol to customers at no charge is $100. Song has used bike rental shops as an example of a business that night want to offer beer to customers after returning from a group ride.

Johns Creek approved a list of fees for new types of alcohol beverage licenses during a Monday meeting.

The city updated its alcohol ordinance in November, giving businesses more licensing choices to sell spirits to the public but delayed setting fees.

Mayor John Bradberry told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the new ordinance will promote economic development and benefit the public.

“(It will) create an enriched sense of community connection for our residents,” Bradberry said.

The changes include allowing breweries to sell both beer and distilled liquor ($500 fee).

Licensing is now offered to businesses that are open to the public or private clubs that want to allow guests to bring their own alcohol ($100).

Restaurants located in shopping centers with courtyards can obtain one alcohol beverage license for multiple special events throughout the year instead of applying for a special event permit for each occasion.

In addition to new types of alcohol beverage licensing, open container districts have been established for the new Town Center, the enclosed fenced area of the Mark Burkhalter Amphitheater at Newtown Park, and at Autrey Mill Nature Preserve within buildings or on patios.

A full list of the fee schedule for alcohol beverage licenses is available on Johns Creek’s website.