File homestead exemptions before April 1

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Credit: custom

With advice good for all residents, Alpharetta is reminding eligible homeowners who have not already filed for homestead exemptions that they have up to April 1 to enroll for tax savings to be effective for the current tax year.

Alpharetta is also reminding homeowners to be sure they are taking advantage of all the property tax savings offered by the city and Fulton County.

Alpharetta offers a basic $45,000 homestead exemption as well as the Senior Basic and Senior Full Value Homestead Property Tax Exemption programs. The city notes that application for the basic homestead exemption is automatically done when you file for your Fulton County Homestead Exemption. Details:

Fulton offers basic homestead exemptions as well as homestead exemptions for seniors, low-income homeowners, and surviving spouses of public safety and military personnel killed in the line of duty. Learn more:

Unless you have moved in the past year, you do not need to reapply for exemptions if you have already put in place all the homestead property tax exemptions for which you are eligible.