Emory Johns Creek planning massive 20-year expansion

The Johns Creek City Council recently approved a zoning change to support Emory Johns Creek’s plan to expand the existing campus by 1,080,302 square feet with 380,302 square feet of hospital space and 700,000 square feet of medical office space. The 20-year build out plan will bring the entire facility to 1.6 million square feet.

Improvements will include the expansion of cardiac care units, operating rooms, hospital support and medical facilities, ambulatory, emergency and radiology services. The proposal includes two parking decks and one surface parking lot for a total of 4,537 spaces.

“There is so much need,” stated Emory Johns Creek CEO Marilyn Margolis during the recent council meeting. “We’ve already done the internal grow. We went from 14 to 18 ICU beds, went 110 to 200 in-patient beds. We added two ORs; we’ve added four ICU beds. And that’s been over the past five years.”

According to Margolis, when the current fifth floor addition is complete in February 2023, the hospital will have enough beds for the next three years. First on the list of expansion will be the out-patient radiology services.