Alpharetta to refresh IT equipment

The Alpharetta City Council recently approved $250,000 for the annual replacement of information technology equipment.

The city currently has 433 computers in operation between all city departments. This funding will replace approximately 154 PCs, 80 iPhones and 65 iPads.

The technology will be purchased through multiple sources including state contracts (Dell and Apple products) and the city quote process.

The largest portion of the approved funds will be for Dell computers, which is the standard personal computer platform the city uses and is purchased from the State of Georgia technology contract. The city has also standardized the iOS platform for tablets and smart phones to provide consistency and the best level of integration and security with city systems. Acquisition for these products will also be done using with the city’s procurement guidelines.

In general, the city replaces desktop PCs and laptops every 4 years, and iPads and iPhones every 3 years.