Alpharetta residents to provide input on Waters Road bridge replacement

The Georgia Department of Transportation is seeking public comment on a project to replace the bridge over Long Indian Creek on Waters Road in Alpharetta. Residents are encouraged to visit by Thursday, Dec. 8, to view the project details and provide feedback. Those interested can also signup to receive updates and the latest news on the $3.95 million project.

GDOT engineers have been working with Alpharetta to replace the aging bridge, which does not meet current design standards for load carrying capacity and has posted weight restrictions.

The proposed replacement is an approximately 85-foot-long single span PSC beam bridge with concrete deck on the existing alignment. The typical section of the proposed bridge consists of two 11-foot travel lanes (one in each direction), 3-foot-wide gutters, 6-foot 6-inch-wide sidewalks, and 1-foot 2 ½-inch wide parapets on each side of the bridge.

The roadway will transition from the existing two 10-foot lanes curb, gutter, and sidewalks to two 11-foot lanes with curb and gutter, 11-foot urban shoulders including 5-foot sidewalks. The existing pedestrian bridges that flank each side of the bridge will be removed.

The road will remain open during construction and traffic will be detoured onto a temporary bridge installed adjacent to the existing bridge prior to that bridge’s demolition.