Alpharetta police hoping grant will help training

Alpharetta’s City Council recently gave approval to the Alpharetta Police Department to seek a FY 2023 Law Enforcement Training Program Grant. Alpharetta police hope to use the funds for two training initiatives.

Funds will be used to purchase a virtual reality training system to provide realistic scenario-based training focusing on enhancing use of force/de-escalation training. The $47,500 system allows trainers to completely immerse officers in realistic scenarios. Officers learn to develop and improve their verbal and tactical skills to de-escalate situations without using higher levels of force.

If the grant is awarded, APD will also purchase Simunition equipment to build on the de-escalation/use of force VR training. This $7,540 equipment will help officers train in real-life scenarios with live simulated victims and suspects that may or may not be armed. This allows officers to feel the stress when a suspect pulls a Simunition gun on them and feel the pain if they are shot with the Simunition training round.