Alpharetta hoping grant will help purchase bulletproof vests

Credit: Alpharetta Department of Public Safety

Credit: Alpharetta Department of Public Safety

The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety will be applying with the U.S. Department of Justice for the 2023 Bullet Proof Vest Grant.

The program helps law enforcement agencies purchase body armor for their officers. When approved, the program reimburses up to half the purchase price of new, approved ballistic vests. Applications are accepted annually, and awards must be used within two years. Alpharetta has applied for this grant annually for over 10 years, generally receiving 60-100% of the requested amount.

The department estimates needing 40 new vests through the end of 2023 based on expiration dates of current vests (which carry a maximum-permitted five-year warranty) and forecasted new hiring. New ballistic armor costs approximately $750-$1,107 per set, depending on the level of protection. The total cost for 40 vests is approximately $44,320.

If the grant is awarded, the city will be required to provide a 50% match totaling $17,000 bringing the total to $34,000. The 2023 grant limits the number of vests requested to the maximum amount of $850 per vest (40 vests at $850 totals $34,000).

The Public Safety Department will also be able to use about $8,000 remaining from a 2021 grant for these purchases.