Alpharetta approves banner sign extension

The Alpharetta City Council recently made a change to the city’s Unified Development Code related to banner signs. To help businesses affected by construction, the city will now allow for an extension to the temporary banner permits for businesses fronting a roadway under construction.

The city’s sign ordinance currently permits one banner per business for a 14-day period per calendar year or two banners with a 7-day maximum per calendar year.

This amendment will allow a banner to remain past the 14-day period when road construction might interfere with routine business traffic. The roadway construction must be a project under construction for 6 months or longer. This extension applies to construction by the city, Fulton County or the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Multi-tenant properties will only be allowed a single banner. Banners not maintained in good condition will be removed.

This change will help businesses along Main Street currently being impacted by GDOT’s roadwork.