Les Bons Temp closes temporarily to deep clean facility

Les Bons Temp Louisiana Kitchen in Ball Ground voluntarily closed for a day to deep-clean the facility after receiving a 45/U on a recent health inspection.

The entire kitchen area, floors, and walls were yellowed from not consistently cleaning grease and grime. The inspector said the build-up had become “extremely unsanitary.” The facility must have a deep cleaning, then cleaned often to prevent contamination of food products.

Among other violations, employees were not effectively cleaning their hands between tasks, and paper towels were missing from the kitchen hand sink.

Multiple food items in a cooler were uncovered. Numerous hot foods in the steam well were out of the safe temperature range and were reheated. There were no date markings for any prepared foods.

Romaine lettuce was washed in the mop sink instead of the vegetable sink.

Les Bons Temp Louisiana Kitchen, 248 Gilmer Ferry Road, Ball Ground, will be re-inspected. Its previous score was 95/A, earned in November.