Les Bon Temps has malfunctioning cooler

During a routine health inspection, Cajun restaurant Les Bon Temps Louisiana Kitchen in Cherokee County had problems with a cooler that resulted in unsafe food temperatures.

Also, the gumbo was not being held hot enough to prevent contamination. And some flour from battered crawfish splattered onto the cooked shrimp during frying, resulting in contamination.

All foods in the malfunctioning cooler were discarded, including deli meats like salami, ham and capicola, slaw, pasta, cheese, and heavy cream.

A large cooler holding snow crab was also at unsafe temperatures, and the crab was thrown away.

Les Bon Temps, 248 Gilmer Ferry Road, Ball Ground, scored 59/U, dropping from 93/A earned last November.

Among other violations, several foods prepared on previous days were not date-marked for disposal. Other food items were past their discard dates.

In other coolers, a large container of raw shrimp was above ready-to-eat foods, and raw beef was also above ready-to-eat foods. The facility had no sanitizer for cleaning.

The restaurant will be re-inspected.