La Belle Vie drops from perfect score to 41/U

During a routine inspection, the French restaurant La Belle Vie Kitchen in Suwanee dropped from a perfect health score to a failing 41/U.

The inspector said the French toast and crepe batter were at unsafe temperatures, both on the countertop and out of refrigeration. Because they consisted of milk and eggs, they were discarded.

Food was also discarded because employees were handling them with bare hands. An employee touched a fully cooked salmon without wearing gloves, and another garnished a cooked omelet with cheese with bare hands.

A short rib was thrown away because it was not heated rapidly enough to prevent contamination. Cooked potatoes were also at unsafe temperatures and discarded.

Among other violations, a mold-like substance was inside the ice machine and the soda gun nozzle. There were no shell stock tags for the mussels.

And an employee’s cell phone was in a basket of onions.

La Belle Vie, 1500 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, had a previous score of 100/A from January. It will be re-inspected.