Hot Tuna Seafood & Bar works through early missteps

Fayette County’s Hot Tuna Seafood & Bar opened earlier this year with a stellar inspection score of 100/A. Unfortunately, the second inspection didn’t go as well.

The inspector said large quantities of “unsafe, obviously rotten” foods were in the walk-in cooler, among other foods ready for consumption. The old items were discarded.

The facility serves shellfish but could not produce shell stock tags that must be kept for 90 days from the last use date.

Frozen fish were thawed incorrectly, risking contamination. For example, one frozen fish was immersed in undrained ice, and another thawed fish was still in its vacuum-sealed package.

Among other violations, the ice machine had mold and mildew-like substance, and non-contact surfaces were dirty with debris. In addition, plates and containers were stored upright without overhead protection.

Hot Tuna Seafood & Bar, 1158 Senoia Road, Tyrone, scored 62/U on the recent inspection and will be re-inspected.