Locust Grove remains in I-75 coalition

The Locust Grove City Council voted at its March 6 regular meeting to approve continued membership in the I-75 Central Corridor Coalition for 2023. Dues are $1,000 annually for a fully active member.

According to officials, this group advocates for integrated planning along the stretch of I-75 between Henry, Spalding, Butts, Lamar, Monroe, Macon-Bibb and Houston counties along with adjacent areas. Primary to this are projects already planned along the corridor (commercial vehicle lanes, Bethlehem Road), but also items such as passenger rail, which many have advocated for years along the corridor (Macon-Griffin-Atlanta, Chattanooga-Savannah).

Officials said the coalition has been very successful in getting grant money for additional planning along the corridor, with $500,000 allocated for the intercity rail study.