Health procedures lacking at Touchdown Wings

At Touchdown Wings in Conyers, management had no control of food safety procedures during a recent health inspection. The inspector said some policies were not documented or observed by employees.

For example, employees were not following basic handwashing procedures.

An employee washed their gloves instead of changing gloves and washing hands. Another touched raw chicken then buns without first washing hands. Another wiped hands on pants, then continued working with food. The kitchen hand sink was blocked with a container.

Among other violations, cooked wings, raw wings and fries had no discard times to protect against food-borne illness. In addition, raw meats thawing on the prep counter were out of temperature control.

Chemical spray bottles were unlabeled. Multiple scoops were stored in dry goods and the ice machine with their handles touching the contents.

Touchdown Wings, 2011 Flat Shoals Road, Conyers, failed the Feb. 21 routine inspection with a score of 48/U and will be re-inspected.