Health controls at specialty tea shop unsatisfactory

Health controls were unsatisfactory at Kokee Tea at the Mall of Georgia, leading to a failing inspection score.

The specialty drink and dessert café had violations for handwashing, cleaning and sanitizing, and using time controls for food safety.

The inspector said that an employee picked a shaker cap off the floor, put it into the service sink, and then prepared customer drinks without washing her hands. Employees were preparing food while wearing jewelry. And employee drinks were on the front counter next to customer items.

There were no paper towels in the employee hand sink. Food containers were next to the hand sink, and a blender was in use next to the sink, which has no splash guard.

The ice machine had a mold-like buildup. There wasn’t enough chlorine in the sanitizer solution used to wipe down surfaces.

Control procedures for the boba, or tapioca, used in teas were not available. Coffee foam, non-dairy creamer and brown sugar were unlabeled. Soap was in a food container labeled “peach popping balls.”

Kokee Tea, 3333 Buford Drive, Buford, scored a 58/U on the Nov. 5 inspection and will be re-inspected within ten days.