Peachtree Corners dedicates website to electric vehicle charging choices

Peachtree Corners’ residents and business owners in the market to purchase an Electric Vehicle can now visit a dedicated website, “Electrifying Peachtree Corners,” at to learn all about EV charging solutions and to receive special discounts only available to the city’s residents and businesses.

The website provides information to help evaluate types of EV chargers from those installed by plugging into a standard wall outlet, to others requiring custom installation, as well as the question of charging speed.

Separate information is available for business owners interested in charging stations to charge an EV fleet for business use, to support employees and/or to attract customers.

Last fall the city introduced a 16- vehicle charging plaza at Town Center. The plaza is the second largest in the state with 12 Tesla V3 Superchargers, two 350 kW chargers and two 15 kW chargers.

“We continue to strive to live up to the city’s tagline, ‘Innovative and Remarkable’ by offering beneficial technology solutions and opportunities,” said Mayor Mike Mason.