Gwinnett to partner with Georgia DOT to fund and implement Smart Corridor

Gwinnett Commissioners recently voted to partner with the Georgia Department of Transportation to fund and implement the Smart Corridor Deployment Program.

The program will use connected vehicle onboard units on Gwinnett-owned vehicles, including emergency vehicles, transit buses and maintenance and construction vehicles to connect with nearly 400 signalized intersections in the county.

Targets for the program include:

  • Emergency vehicle pre-emption for Gwinnett fire and emergency services vehicles based out of fire stations along and west of I-85 and along U.S. 78 west of Snellville,
  • Signal priority for Gwinnett transit vehicles serving local routes, and
  • Pedestrian presence alert following pushbutton activations at signalized intersections.

The goal is to improve mobility, and safety for all road users including drivers, transit riders, first responders and pedestrians.

The Georgia DOT will fund 80% of the $2.6 million project including equipment and installation, and Gwinnett will provide a local match of 20%. The county will be responsible for ongoing maintenance and operation of the infrastructure.