Duluth to widen and connect sidewalk on Rogers Bridge Road

The Duluth City Council recently approved $150,000 to cover the cost of surveying, construction, and re-landscaping for a new 800-foot-long stretch of 10-foot-wide sidewalk on Rogers Bridge Road.

A five-foot wide sidewalk already exists along the east side of Rogers Bridge Road from the intersection with Peachtree Industrial Boulevard north to the frontage of the Chattapooche Dog Park, where it widens to 10 feet.

Gwinnett’s Western Gwinnett Bikeway is planned to come down Peachtree Industrial, and tie a 10-foot trail to the corner. To avoid a bottleneck, the city feels it is critical not to leave a section of 5-foot sidewalk between the two 10-foot sections. Plus, the city decided it best to get the gap in the 10-foot sidewalk constructed prior to the Western Gwinnett Bikeway’s construction, slated to begin later this year.

Construction will be easier than new sidewalks since drainage work is not necessary and curbs and gutters will stay in place.