Braselton to consider relocation of historic home

The Braselton Zoning Board of Appeals will hold a public hearing at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 19 at the Police and Municipal Court facility, 5040 Highway 53, to discuss the relocation of a historic home inside a stream buffer protection area. The application seeks a variance for the 10-acre property on the south side of Davis Road east of Highway 53.

One of three stream branches crosses the north portion of the land, one tributary comes from the south and one from the north. There is also a city sewer easement that follows the stream from east to west and up from the south as well as a powerline along Lakeshore Drive at the south end of the property and along Davis Street at the north end.

The west portion of the property contains a brewery and gravel parking lot, with a hotel and parking lot under design for the area in the future. Townhomes are planned for the southeast portion. All of this makes locating the historic house a challenge since it must be placed in a spot accessible to the house-moving vehicles.

The applicant is hoping to avoid excessive stream buffer disturbance by using a gravel driveway and walk instead of pavement and placing the house on piers.