Forsyth County sports pub fails second consecutive inspection

During a recent health inspection, a full can of gasoline was inside the ADDA Sports Pub & Eatery in south Forsyth County.

The inspector said the gas, stored under the dishwasher, should never be inside a facility. The dishwasher area also had a large hole in the wall with visible food and debris.

ADDA Sports Pub & Eatery, 3455 Peachtree Parkway, Suwanee, failed the follow-up inspection with 39/U, earning its second consecutive failing score. The restaurant scored 60/U in February.

Among other violations, several food items were at unsafe temperatures. Lamb sauce, heavy cream, eggs, chicken and lamb kabobs were discarded.

Eggs were next to ready-to-eat foods in the walk-in cooler. Containers of bulk goods were uncovered. Several 5-gallon yogurt buckets were reused to store other foods and sauces.

Also, a cutting board was excessively worn, and equipment throughout the kitchen, such as shelves, sinks and stoves, were dirty. Broken equipment was in the kitchen.

ADDA Sports Pub & Eatery will be re-inspected.