Fayetteville Mexican restaurant fails another inspection

A Mexican restaurant in Fayetteville failed another routine health inspection with food safety violations and risk factors for food-borne illness.

At La Hacienda, the inspector found several containers of spoiled food and uncovered food containers in the coolers and dry storage. Numerous flies were in the kitchen and on the food.

Raw chicken, salsas and cheeses were at unsafe temperatures in the coolers. And cooked, hot meats were not within the acceptable temperature range. These foods were discarded.

The reach-in cooler had raw shrimp and calamari above cooked food, vegetables and sauces, and the walk-in cooler had raw chicken above raw pork.

Among other violations, mold and mildew were in the ice machine, bin, and food storage containers. A large quantity of meat was thawing in standing water. And prepared foods held for more than 24 hours were not date-marked for disposal.

La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant, 365 Fayette Place, scored 32/U. Its previous scores were 83/B and 62/U.