New Chromebooks coming for Fayette County students

Fayette County Public Schools is spending $8.67 million to give its students new Chromebooks this fall. The scheduled technology refresh was approved 5-0 at the Board of Education’s July 26 meeting, and funding will come from ESPLOST III sales tax revenue. The cost breakdown includes $5.5 million for 9,000 new computers plus another $2.2 million for new laptops for teachers and administrators. Classroom hardware will account for $450,000, and related school projects will cost another $625,000.

Farmer told the board that previously purchased Chromebooks are being delivered to second graders now; new computers for students in grades 6-11 will be part of the current refresh and will take about 10 days to be delivered to the technology company that will prepare them for classroom use. After that, Farmer said, the devices will be sent to the individual schools for distribution, with a goal of getting them to students by early September.