Dunkin’ Donuts on Memorial has pests, food safety violations

Dunkin’ Donuts on Memorial Drive in Decatur saw its health rating drop during a recent routine inspection.

Live baby roaches were crawling on the floor near the ice cream station, and a dead roach was inside a reach-in cooler.

In addition, employees needed to follow safe food practices when serving customers.

Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin Robbins, 4760 Memorial Drive, scored 70/C, down from a 93/A from its last inspection more than two years ago.

Among other violations, an employee touched a trash can with gloved hands, then took a cup to prepare a customer’s drink. Another staffer touched a trash can with gloved hands and removed a croissant from the oven to serve a customer.

Accumulated food debris was on the bottom shelves in multiple reach-in coolers, where the dead roach was found. Insect control devices were around the ice cream station. The restaurant was last serviced for pests on Nov. 10.

There will be a follow-up inspection.