Mobile hotspots strengthened for DeKalb residents

DeKalb County residents - without internet access - can receive that access through the mobile hotspot program provided by the DeKalb County Public Library, DeKalb Library Foundation and DeKalb County Board of Commissioners.

The Take Back the Internet Initiative is a free mobile hotspot lending program that began in 2017 with 75 mobile devices at five library locations to assist DeKalb residents without internet access.

Due to foundation funding, the program was able to expand across all 23 library locations with 300 mobile units now in circulation serving about 4,000 residents.

To continue to help those without internet access, DeKalb Commissioner Robert Patrick recently allocated $31,800 from his District 1 Discretionary Fund.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s COVID-19 Impact Planning Report, 16.9% of DeKalb County citizens do not have home internet - and for many places in DeKalb, the percentage is as high as 30%.

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