Town Center CID receives $15M from GDOT

The largest single contribution of $15 million to the Town Center Community Improvement District (CID) from the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) was announced on Sept. 22.

This money secures the final funds necessary to complete the South Barrett Reliever Phase III.

This $45 million multi-phased project began in 2010 with the widening and alignment of Greers Chapel Road.

Phase II, completed in 2018, created a critical road realignment and intersection redesign of Barrett Lakes Boulevard at Shiloh Valley Drive.

Both phases include increased connections and safety features for pedestrians and cyclists.

The South Barrett Reliever Phase III begins at the terminus of Phase II along Roberts Court (previously Shiloh Valley Drive).

The bridge over I-75 and the NW Corridor links the east and west sides of the district and provides an alternate route for Barrett Parkway.

Once complete, the project is expected to provide mobility relief, improve public safety and reduce congestion by more than 22 percent.

Expected to be completed by 2024, Phase III completes the southern portion of this project, creating an inner loop for vehicular and pedestrian-level travel within the district.

Posted on Sept. 21, a new fly-over rendering of the project can be viewed on the Town Center CID’s YouTube Channel at

Tracy Rathbone Styf, executive director of the Town Center CID, said, “Completion of funding for South Barrett is historic for our district, and we are immensely grateful to GDOT for their fervent support. The commitment of funds for South Barrett signals not only our largest GDOT contribution to date but also the culmination of more than a decade of work on this significant piece of infrastructure.”

Styf added, “The South Barrett Reliever is a substantial and essential project to our district, county and region. We are appreciative to GDOT, as well as our other partners, including Cobb County, GRTA/STRA and ARC for their commitment.”

The project is funded through a joint effort among the Town Center CID, ARC, Cobb DOT, Georgia DOT and State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA).

The CID-funded preliminary engineering for Phases II and III cost $1.6 million, and this project was included in the 2016 Cobb County SPLOST work plan.

Founded in 1997, the Town CID uses funds from voluntary commercial real estate taxes to implement its projects to increase property value.