Smyrna follows U.S. mandate to test water pipes

Credit: Matt Bruce

Credit: Matt Bruce

Smyrna officials are following Biden administration mandates to test for lead pipes at all homes built before 1986, according to the city’s Facebook page at

The type of material used in the lines on either side of residential meters will be checked by city contractors, who will be properly identified.

The work will be conducted throughout Smyrna and may take up to a year to complete.

City contractors will excavate and verify the service line’s material type.

Work will involve digging a hole about the size of a basketball on either side of the meter, physical and photo image verification of the line material and filling the excavation holes.

In some cases, the water meter will be changed out at the same time to avoid more disruption.

In answer to the many Facebook questions posted, so far city officials have not clarified whether city residents or the city will have to pay for replacements.

For questions or concerns, contact the city’s staff representative at or 678-631-5430.