Kennesaw to save $470K by SPLOST reallocation

Kennesaw City Council members voted 5-0 recently to save about $470,000 by reallocating Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) 2016 and SPLOST 2022.

By reallocating this money received from the extra one cent charged on the county’s sales tax, city officials plan to complete Phase 2 of the city’s Recreation Center in 2021 to save the $470,000 in construction costs.

Phase 2 will include the multi-sport court and gymnastics gym, with construction to be completed by December 2021.

By moving forward with Phase 2, the entire facility will be completed several years in advance of previous timelines, according to City Manager Jeff Drobney and Parks and Recreation Director Steve Roberts.

They also plan to move forward with Phase 8 of Depot Park, including the amphitheater design.

From the 2016 SPLOST funding, $6 million will come from the Sardis Street Overpass, $2 million from Depot Park and $4 million from the Recreation Center.

The reallocation from the 2022 SPLOST funding will be $6 million from the Recreation Center to the Sardis Street Extension and Overpass.